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Tour Program:

Airport transfer – City tour in Yerevan


We start our tour from the heart of Yerevan from Republic Square, where it becomes clear why Yerevan is considered to be a pink city. The most important government buildings are gathered here. The cherry on the cake is the singing fountains, which betray the unique atmosphere of the city and color Yerevan evenings. Walking along the old streets of Yerevan, we get to the Northern Avenue. All buildings, cafes, restaurants, shops are crowded with people, life is in full swing here all the time, at any time of the day. Walking we will get straight to the building Opera and Ballet and then to the Cascade, from the height of which a magnificent view of the whole city opens. The current identity of the Armenians was largely formed as a result of the Genocide in 1915. In May 2014 , Forbes magazine included The Armenian Genocide Museum is included in the list of 9 memorial museums that everyone should visit. In the Museum you can learn everything about the events that led to the Genocide, about the Genocide itself and the reaction of the world, including the famous words of Hitler “Who remembers the Armenians now”.

The duration of the tour is 5-6 hours

The tour starts at 10:00

Yerevan - Charents Arch - Gegard Monastery - Garni temple - Lavash baking master-class - Yerevan

Our first stop is the Charents Arch, which offers a truly stunning view of the snow-covered Biblical Mount Ararat, which has become a symbol of Armenia. Continuing our way, we get to the Geghard Monastery standing proudly over the abyss. Geghard is the spear that Longinus plunged into the hypochondrium of Jesus Christ, crucified on the Cross. The monastery, built in the IV century, is carved into the rock and is included in UNESCO. Then we are waiting for Garni. The pagan temple in the Greek style, the stones of which are about two meters long, fastened with staples and pins, is one of a kind. After a rich history of the day, we are waiting for the most fascinating and delicious journey for fragrant Armenian bread. We will take part in the baking and tasting of lavash, which will definitely not leave you indifferent.

The duration of the tour is 6-7 hours

The tour starts at 10:00

Yerevan - Khor Virap Monastery - Noravank Monastery - "Areni" Winery (tour and tasting) - Jermuk - Yerevan

We will start our tour with a visit to the architectural monument of Khor Virap on one of the hills of the historical city of Artashat. The fortress monastery was one of the famous places of pilgrimage for Armenians associated with the name of Gregory the Illuminator, who was imprisoned here for 13 years. We continue our journey and head to the Noravank monastery complex, built in the 13th-14th centuries. This is one of the magnificent medieval monuments of Armenia, which stands out for its beautiful natural environment. The next stop is the city of Jermuk, the source of health and youth. Here we will visit the drinking gallery with various mineral water sources and the Jermuk Waterfall. Our final stop is the city of Goris, or the Armenian Copenhagen as is popularly called. Our final stop is the city of Goris, or the Armenian Copenhagen as is popularly called.

The duration of the tour is 12-13 hours

The tour starts at 10:00

Goris - Areni Winery – Shaki Waterfall - Tatev Monastery - Cable car "Wings of Tatev" - Swinging Bridge in Khndzoresk - Yerevan

After breakfast at the hotel, we are waiting for real adventures. The main attraction of the day is Tatev, the visit card of Armenia. Standing proudly over the abyss, the monastery holds many secrets. Looking down, it seems that you are soaring yourself, hence the name which translates as "Will give wings". We will descend back on the Wings of Tatev cable car, which is the longest reversible cable car in the world. Then we are waiting for the Devil's Bridge, where with the help of special equipment we will go down studying such a unique place, where for thousands of years water and wind created this miracle of nature, grinding and cutting through the frozen lava. Our next stop is Shaki Waterfall. Waterfalls are certainly beautiful natural phenomena, but in Armenia not only nature creates such miracles, but also people. Yes, you understood correctly, the huge Shaki waterfall is artificial and delights not only with its beauty but also with the non-standard idea of the author.

The duration of the tour is 12-13 hours

The tour starts at 10:00

Yerevan - Sevan lake - Sevanavank Monastery - Dilijan - Haghartsin Monastery - Goshavank Monastery - Yerevan

We start our day with the blue pearl of Armenia. Lake Sevan is located in a mountain bowl at an altitude of almost 2 km above sea level. A stunning view of the lake opens from the Sevanavank Monastery, and to get there, you have to overcome about 200 steps. Then we head to Dilijan, or as the Armenian Switzerland is popularly called. This city is completely shrouded in forests. The first attraction we will visit is the Goshavank Monastery, a spiritual and educational temple hidden in the forests, bears the name of the outstanding thinker Mkhitar Gosh, whose "Sudebnik" began to be used not only in Armenia, but also in Russia, Poland, Georgia and India. Haghartsin Monastery is a unique white stone monastery in a wooden valley. Dilijan city is known not only for its forests and monasteries, but also for the purest drinking water. As Rubik says from the movie “Mimino” "Valiko Jan, you open a simple faucet in our Dilijan kitchen, the water flows second in the world!”

The duration of the tour is 7-8 hours

The tour starts at 10:00

Yerevan - Saghmosavank - Amberd Fortress - Kari Lake - Yerevan

After breakfast we leave in the direction of Saghmosavank. The monastery rises above the gorge near the Kasakh River, from the shore of which a wonderful view of the monastery opens. After that we continue our journey in the direction of the fortress. On the southern slope of Aragats , the majestic Amberd, a medieval fortress with the same harsh architecture as himself. Surprisingly, during the excavations, Armenian lavash bread was found there, which was dated to the XII century and was quite edible. Passing the mountain road, we will get into a wonderful world. At an altitude of 3207 m, the breathtaking Kari Lake is waiting for us on the mountainside Aragats, which is the highest in Armenia with a height of 4090 m. Legend has it that the lake was formed due to the tears of Aragats, who was forced to part with her sister from Mount Ararat.

The duration of the tour is 6-7 hours

Transfer to the Airport 


The cost of the program for one person:

2-3 pax 4-6 pax 7-12 pax
$ 1735 $ 1170 $ 980

*For groups of more than 13 people, there are special discounts


The cost of the program includes:
✔ Transfer from and to the Airport
✔ 4* hotel accommodation in Yerevan (6 nights), including breakfast;
✔ Transport services;
✔ Tours according to the program;
✔ Professional guide services;
✔ Bottled water and buns during excursions;
✔ Entrance tickets to cultural and historical centers;
✔ Wi Fi in transport;
✔ Master classes and tastings;
❌ Tickets;
❌ Alcoholic beverages;
❌ Travel insurance;

Additional information:
✔ The amount for unused parts of the program is non-refundable.
✔ In case of additional services outside the presented program, the cost of the program is subject to additional discussion.
✔ This program can be changed according to your wishes.
✔ The price is for 1 person in a double room.


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