Website Policy

General provisions refer to all kind of orders. Hereby "POSITIVE DAY TOUR" is an "Agent" and those who apply for services via "POSITIVE DAY TOUR" are "Clients"

Privacy Policy

Purpose of collecting personal information

to provide you with our tours and services, as well as from time to time to inform about updates

Provision of data to a third party

certain personal information is provided to a third party only when it is necessary to make a reservation or clarify any information through another organization, such as a hotel, transport company, etc.

Deleting personal data

We need to store personal information for a certain period of time to answer questions that may arise during travel and service.

Correction or modification of personal data

• when filling out personal data, in case of any problems or inaccuracies, changes can be made before we make a final confirmation
• for further changes or clarifications please contact us

2. Rights and obligations of the parties

The Client undertakes:

• to pay for the services provided to him/her by the Agent, sending the amount to the Agent's account or paying in cash,

• the payments should be made in AMD

• responsibility during a temporary stay at a hotel, visits to attractions, etc. in the manner prescribed bylaw, including for material damage caused by his/her illegal actions

The Client has the right

• to delay, cancel, shorten or terminate the order without paying any penalty by informing the Agent at least 1 day beforehand, but not after the final confirmation, otherwise the Client undertakes to pay a price of the tour or other service.

The Agent undertakes:

• to provide the Client with information on offered tourist services

• to provide information on prices, conditions and procedure for cancellation

• to provide the Client with a document for payment of tourist services

• after receiving an order, contact the Client, inform about the possibilities of fulfilling the order and answer all questions

• To serve the order confirmed by mutual consent, properly and at exact dates

• Not to announce any private information about the Client, without his/her written consent

• To inform the Client about the changes having taken place in the mutually consented and confirmed order and to offer an option equivalent to the previous one by its price and conditions at least 1 day prior to the fulfillment of the order

The Contractor has the right

• if necessary, changea hotel with a similar or upper class (changing the hotel is not considered a change in a plan for tourist services)

• for confirmation of individual tours to require 30% advance payment from the total price of the order, which is non-refundable, in case of failure or delay

• for confirmationof regular/group tours (when booking is made for 3 or more participants) to require 50% advance payment from the total price of the order, which is non-refundable, in case of failure or delay

3. Confirmation of an order

• the order given online is deemed "confirmed by mutual consent", in case if the Agent's e-mail called "final confirmation" has been positively replied by the Client

• the mutually confirmed order is deemed a basis for assuming all the obligations listed here

• irrespective of whether the Client is going to accept the order, or it has been carried out for the third party, all the listed obligations are compulsory both for the Client and the person who accepts the order

Force Majeure

the parties are relieved from responsibilities, if the obligations have not been fulfilled due to unexpected circumstances (earthquake, flood, war, interruption of works of communicative means, situations that are common for the given district or apartment block, etc.).