Privace policy

For the purposes of this Website, only the Personal Data provided by You is used. That information must be complete, accurate and up to date.

During the use of the Website, the Company may process the following Personal Data provided by You:

  • The name, surname or the title;
  • E-mail address;
  • Address, phone number;
  • Additional information filled in upon Your request.

If You place an order and (or) buy any Service on this Website, but the actual Service is used by another person(s), then the Personal Data related to that person(s) shall be provided by You. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the person(s) about whom You have provided Personal Data is aware of it. You hereby acknowledge that the Company may use their Personal Data.

Even if You do not use the Services of the Company, the latter automatically collects certain information when You visit the Website. In particular: Your IP address, log-in date and hour, duration, data about gadgets being used, software settings, as well as data about the activities carried by You on the Website.

The Company processes Personal Data with the intention to ensure the best provision of Services. The Personal Data is also used for You to register on the Website, to ensure uninterrupted access to the Website, for us to contact You, to know Your feedback, to inform You about special offers, as well as to protect the legitimate interests of the Company, if necessary.

Your Personal Data can only be accessed by the Company’s affiliates, in cases when such Data is required to provide Service(s) to You and to improve its quality, provided that the third party guarantees the Personal Data privacy set within this Policy.

The Company may also transfer Your Personal Data to a certain circle of people without Your Consent, if Data transfer is crucial for Data processing purposes, and/or is necessary in order to achieve them, and/or is stipulated by the applicable law, provided that in such cases Personal Data has sufficient level of protection.

To ensure the protection of Your Personal Data, the Company takes appropriate security measures to protect the Personal Data system from unauthorized access, modification or publication.

For the effective and necessary protection of Personal Data the Company is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia along with internationally defined legal and technical rules.

The Company protects Your Personal Data by providing access to it only for legitimate purposes and for processing by authorized persons, as well as by protecting the processed Personal Data from accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss, modification, unauthorized or illegal collecting, processing, access and/or disclosure.

The Website uses "Cookie" files in order to personalize Your Personal Data, improving Website performances.

"Cookies" are small data files that are downloaded and saved on Your device when You visit the Website. That data allows You to automatically perform certain functions and save certain data and actions registered by You while using the Website. The Website uses "Cookies" for a number of purposes, such as for identification, security, functionality, preferences and analysis.

You are not obligated to provide your personal information, however, we may not be able to offer our services without it, where the information is required for us.

You may request us to provide the information to you about the personal data that we are processing and for what purposes, as well as to provide you with a copy of your personal data that we hold.

We may change this privacy policy at any time by publishing a new version on our website without notice to you. You should check this privacy policy for updates every time you visit our website to be sure that you are aware of any changes. Any changes made by us will not have retroactive effect unless legally required to do so.