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Tour program

Transfer from the Airport - 

The tour starts at 09:00

Yerevan - Khor Virap Monastery - Noravank Monastery - "Areni" Winery (tour and tasting) - Jermuk - Yerevan

The first stop is the majestic Khor Virap, where the seeds of the beginning of Christianity in Armenia are stored. The first Catholicos of Armenia was imprisoned there for 13 years in prison. After our adventures, we are taken to the Winery "Hin Areni", for tasting wines that are famous not only in Armenia but also far abroad. Then we follow the hilly roads to Noravank towering among the red rocks. The monastery built in the XIII century surprises not only with its unique beauty, but also with a sad love story that is kept among its walls. The next stop is the city of Jermuk, the source of health and youth. Here we will visit the drinking gallery with various mineral water sources and the Jermuk Waterfall. This city is also known for its healing geysers, to which we are heading on SUVs. The road there is indescribably beautiful, on one side there are mountains covered with forests, and on the other side there is a fast cold river. Our final stop is the city of Goris, or the Armenian Copenhagen as is popularly called.

The duration of the tour is 11-12 hours

The tour starts at 09:00

Goris - Areni Winery – Shaki Waterfall - Tatev Monastery - Cable car "Wings of Tatev" - Swinging Bridge in Khndzoresk - Dilijan

After breakfast at the hotel, we are waiting for real adventures. The main attraction of the day is Tatev, the visit card of Armenia. Standing proudly over the abyss, the monastery holds many secrets. Looking down, it seems that you are soaring yourself, hence the name which translates as "Will give wings". We will descend back on the Wings of Tatev cable car, which is the longest reversible cable car in the world. Then we are waiting for the Devil's Bridge, where with the help of special equipment we will go down studying such a unique place, where for thousands of years water and wind created this miracle of nature, grinding and cutting through the frozen lava. Our next stop is Shaki Waterfall. Waterfalls are certainly beautiful natural phenomena, but in Armenia not only nature creates such miracles, but also people. Yes, you understood correctly, the huge Shaki waterfall is artificial and delights not only with its beauty but also with the non-standard idea of the author.The ultimate goal of our day is the city of Dilijan.

The duration of the tour is 11-12 hours

The tour starts at 09:00

Dilijan - Sevan lake - Sevanavank Monastery - Dilijan - Haghartsin Monastery - Goshavank Monastery - Dilijan

We start our day with the blue pearl of Armenia. Lake Sevan is located in a mountain bowl at an altitude of almost 2 km above sea level. A stunning view of the lake opens from the Sevanavank Monastery, and to get there, you have to overcome about 200 steps. Then we head to Dilijan, or as the Armenian Switzerland is popularly called. This city is completely shrouded in forests. The first attraction we will visit is the Goshavank Monastery, a spiritual and educational temple hidden in the forests, bears the name of the outstanding thinker Mkhitar Gosh, whose "Sudebnik" began to be used not only in Armenia, but also in Russia, Poland, Georgia and India. Haghartsin Monastery is a unique white stone monastery in a wooden valley. Dilijan city is known not only for its forests and monasteries, but also for the purest drinking water. As Rubik says from the movie “Mimino” "Valiko Jan, you open a simple faucet in our Dilijan kitchen, the water flows second in the world!”

The duration of the tour is 6-7 hours

The tour starts at 10:00

Dilijan - Enokavan - Zipline - Off-road tour - Rock Climbing - Rope Park - Haghpat Village

After breakfast, we will head to the village of Enokavan, where a truly day of adventures awaits us. The first thing we will take part in is jumping on a cable car or a zipline. After that, we will try to overcome the rocks towering over the gorge, under the guidance of an instructor. Then everything gets even more complicated. We are waiting for the traps of the rope park, after which climbing will seem like a mere trifle. The next goal is an off-road tour uphill on hilly roads in a well-equipped truck. Such a trip will allow you to enjoy the fresh air above and the wonderful nature that will accompany you all the way. We will finish our adventures with a horse ride through the park.

The duration of the tour is 7-8 hours

The tour starts at 09:00

Haghpat village- Sanahin Monastery - Haghpat Monastery - The Cave of Mendz Er - Odzun - Haghpat village 

The Lori region is rich in history and heritage, and many attractions are located in the most obscure and mind-blowing places. Odzun is the largest village in Lori, located almost on the edge of the Debed Gorge. The pearl of the village is the Odzun Church, one of the earliest Christian churches in Armenia after the Echmiadzin Cathedral. The Sanahin Monastery and the Haghpat Monastery are attractions not only in the Lori region, but also throughout Armenia due to their architectural and spiritual values and heritage. Both sites are located on a plateau and are about 15 km from each other. The monasteries are a mixture of Byzantine church architecture and Caucasian traditional architecture of about 10-13 centuries. Both monasteries are charming places that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. After that, we head in the direction of the Cave “Mendz Er", which was probably the habitat of prehistoric man, later turned into a shelter, and not so long ago turned into a goat barn.

The duration of the tour is 9-10 hours

The tour starts at 09:00

Haghpat Village - Dseh - Rafting - Jumping - Sliding - Yerevan

After breakfast, a water day awaits us. Such a last day in Armenia will definitely sink into your soul and make you visit here again. Rafting in the Debit River. After the briefing, we put on special equipment and start Rafting – we go on an exciting journey through the beauties of the Debit River. After rafting, the bass jet is already jumping, which involves jumping into a fast-flowing river from a small bridge. Such a day full of adventures will give you a lot of impressions and will become one of the best memories in life.

The duration of the tour is 9-10 hours

Transfer to the Airport

The cost of the program for one person:

*The price is for 1 person in a double room

2-3 pax  4-6 pax  7-12 pax
$ 2500 $ 1670 $ 1400

The cost of the program includes:

  • ✔ Trasfer from and to the airport
  • ✔ 4* hotel accommodation in Yerevan (7 nights), including breakfast;
  • ✔ Transportation services, including transfers from hotels;
  • ✔ Tours according to the program;
  • ✔ Professional guide services;
  • ✔ Bottled water and buns during excursions;
  • ✔ Entrance tickets to cultural and historical centers;
  • ✔ Wi Fi in transport;
  • ✔All entertainments;
  • ✔ Master classes and tastings;
  • ❌ Tickets;
  • ❌ Alcoholic beverages;
  • ❌ Travel insurance;

Additional information:

  • ✔ The amount for unused parts of the program is non-refundable.
  • ✔ In case of additional services outside the presented program, the cost of the program is subject to additional discussion.
  • ✔ The price is for 1 person in a double room


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