In the footsteps of Armenian architecture

Tour Program:

The tour starts at 09:00

Yerevan - Khor Virap - Noravank Monastery - Karahunj - Shaki Waterfall - Goris

We will start our tour with a visit to the architectural monument of Khor Virap on one of the hills of the historical city of Artashat. The fortress monastery was one of the famous places of pilgrimage for Armenians associated with the name of Gregory the Illuminator, who was imprisoned here for 13 years. We continue our journey and head to the Noravank monastery complex, built in the 13th-14th centuries. This is one of the magnificent medieval monuments of Armenia, which stands out for its beautiful natural environment. The walls of the monastery contain the sad love story of its creator. The secrets of Karahunj are waiting for us next, this is the Armenian version of the British Stonehenge. Our day would not be complete without visiting the Shaki Waterfall. The waterfall is located 3 km northwest of the city of Sisian, on the Shaki River. The height of the waterfall is 18 meters. It is considered one of the most popular places in Armenia among tourists. The power of the waterfall is so great that very often it is impossible to hear the voice of people standing nearby. We finish our day in the city of Goris, where we will stay overnight.

The duration of the tour is 13-14 hours

The tour starts at 10:00

Goris – Wings of Tatev – Tatev Monastery – Khndzoresk – Hayravank Monastery – Noratus - Yerevan

The 2-day  in Syunik starts from Wigs of Tatev. It is the longest cable car that runs over the gorge of the turbulent mountain river Vorotan and connects Halidzor village and Tatev Monastery. Reversible aerial tramway was built within the framework of the Tatev Revival Project in 2010. Now it is one of the most popular and favorite tourist attractions. It takes us straight to the monastery. Tatev is a medieval Armenian monastery complex on the bank of the Vorotan River in Syunik Province. It is one of the most valuable medieval complexes. According to the legend, Lenk Temur wanted to destroy the Tatev monastery and uproot the movable staff. For that purpose, he ordered his bandits to tie a pair of buffaloes, tie the pillar with a plow chain and stretch it. As soon as the buffaloes start pulling, the chain is cut and they fall into the gorge. Seeing that, Lenk Temur leaves the monastery. Arriving in Tatev, Lenk-Temur orders to pile wood in the monastery and burn it. The fire falls on the bell tower and spoils the bells. After that, the sound of the monastery bells stops. Let's continue our  day by walking through Khndzoresk, and of course, we will go to the swinging bridge of Khndzoresk. The bridge connects the two "shores" of old Khndzoresk, the Old and New Khndzoresk, from where the four churches of Khndzoresk and the fountain of the "Nine Children" can be seen. The road takes us to Hayravank.  Monastery is located in a picturesque area on a hill near Lake Sevan. It offers stunning views of the lake and its surroundings. The monastery complex includes a church, a chapel and a small narthex. Various buildings of the complex were erected at different times, from the 9th to the 12th centuries.

The duration of the tour is 11-12 hours

The cost of the program for one person:

2-3 pax   4-6 pax 7-12 pax
$ 594 $ 344 $ 265

*For groups of more than 13 people, there are special discounts


The cost of the program includes:

  • 3* hotel accommodation in Goris (1 night), including breakfast;
  • Transportation services, including transfers from hotels;
  • Tours according to the program;
  • Professional guide services;
  • Bottled water and buns during excursions;
  • Entrance tickets to cultural and historical centers;
  • Wi Fi in transport;
  • Tickets;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Travel insurance;

Additional information:

  • The amount for unused parts of the program is non-refundable.
  • In the case of additional services outside the presented program, the cost of the program is subject to additional discussion.
  • This program can be changed according to your wishes.
  • The price is for 1 person in a double room.
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