Climbing Mount Azhdaak

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Azhdakhak Mountain is located in Gegharkunik district 25 km from Yerevan. It is the part of the Geghama ridge The height of mountain is 3597 meters. The name is associated with the mythical evil dragon Ajdahak, common in Armenian and Iranian mythology. The name Ajdahak originates in Armenian mythology, which means half man, half dragon.. The hike is extremely picturesque. In summer, the fields leading to the mountain are dotted with snowfields and spring valleys. When you go to Ajdahak, it seems that you are crossing the seasons. The mountain is of volcanic origin and has a blood-red color, which makes it easily distinguishable from other hills and mountains. But the most impressive sight awaits you at the top of the mountain. There is a breathtaking view of the Geghama Mountains and their surroundings. But the most beautiful thing is an absolutely majestic crater lake that will conquer you right away. The view of the lake opens instantly as soon as you take your last step up. Its beauty is a real reward for a long hike and a steep climb. The water from the snowmelt lake in the Azhdakhak crater is usually considered suitable for drinking. Bathing in it is very refreshing, so you can have suitable clothes with you.

Duration: 7-8 hours.


The cost of the program for one person 

2-3 pax 4-6 pax 7-12 pax
$ 103 $ 53  $ 36

*For groups of more than 13 people, there are special discounts


The cost of the program includes:

  • Transportation services, including transfers from hotels;
  • Services of a professional guide-guide;
  • Bottled water and buns during excursions;
  • All tastings;
  • Wi Fi in transport;
  • Lunch
  • Travel insurance;

Additional information:

  • It is advisable to have special equipment with you (backpack, mountain sneakers, waterproof clothing, first aid kit, extra clothing, water, food);
  • This ascent is of medium difficulty
  • Preferred tour time from May to September
  • In case of additional services outside the presented program, the cost of the program is subject to additional discussion;
  • The price is for 1 person in a double room;
  • The price may change depending on the ruble exchange rate at the time of booking.
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