Smbataberd, St. Karapet, Tsaghats Kar, Zorats temple


  • Saint Karapet
  • Zorats temple
  • Tsaghats Kar
  • Smbataberd

Attention, we have a total of 9 km of walking on the tour route, you need to have one day's worth of food, water, comfortable shoes, a hat, warm clothes, and a raincoat.

Relative height: 500m.
The length of the route is 9 km.
Difficulty: average.

The cost of the trip is  10500 AMD, which includes:

High quality transport
Tour guide service

The start of the tour: 08:00, A. Monument of Tamanyan, Cascade
Duration of the tour: 12-13 hours.

Taking into consideration that places are limited please contact us and register in advance!

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