Gyumri City Tour, Harichavank


  • Church of the Holy Cross
  • Arichavank
  • Church of the Holy Virgin (7 wounds)
  • Church of St. Saviour (Amenaprkich)
  • St. Nshan
  • A walk through the colorful streets
  • Walking in the footsteps of old movies
  • Museum of Urban Life Dzitokhtsonts
  • Visiting museums
  • Black Fortress
  • Statue "Mother Armenia"
  • Hill of Honor
  • Khachkars Park

The cost of the trip is 8500 AMD, which includes:

  • High quality transport
  • Guide service

Starting place and time –08:30 near the A. Tamanyan’s statue, Cascade

Duration – 12-13 hours.

Taking into consideration that places are limited please contact us and register in advance!

For more information you can call

Book Now+374(41) 711 555

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